Sylvie Hayes-Wallace

Summer Forever


Poster and text by Brian Hochberger

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two spiders holding hands

materials: ceramic, paper-mache, dirt, sand, real hair, fake hair, shoelaces


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(floor) a desire to make things work,

materials: cement, sand, mortar, photographs, drawings, shells, chickenwire, mesh


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cute, silly, romantic, or, cherry eyed in the grotto

materials: sand, paper-mache, dirt, chickenwire, dried flowers, nails, orange peel


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prince(ss) of the apple towns

materials: denim, rope, jersey, metal, flowers, plastic, foam, resined paper, shoelaces, wire, shells, beads, crystals, safety pins, cord


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 butterflies above my bed

materials: pen on resined stenograph paper, wire, beads


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